Christine began delving into choreography during her undergraduate work in Bowling Green, Ohio.  There, she discovered in herself a strong desire to help others through dance.  Since then, Christine has created numerous works tackling issues at the very center of what it is to be human.  Within each creation, Christine acts not only as a dancer and choroegrapher, but as researcher and scholar, using primary sources, interviewing participants, and collaborating with others in fields of work that directly interact with each theme or topic.  She often uses dance to create conversation and dialogue surrounding important societal issues.  Although many works by Christine are serious and call for conversation and action, much of her work is also light-hearted and created for pure entertainment.  Always, Christine uses dance as a medium to connect to others, to communicate across populations and cultures, and to bring to the audience a unified message.

A Selection of Dance Works by Christine Reed:

False Advertising (2010)
  • Created in collaboration with dancers on their ideas about their own bodies and the media's role in defining those ideas.  Based on influences from Susan Bach's Bodies and Naomi Wolf's The Beauty Myth
  • Performed at the FISH Dance Collective Showcase, A Light in the Dark Places in Bowling Green, Ohio, Veritas Arts Collective Showcase in Columbus, Ohio as well as other community showings and events
  • Dancers: Dana Freeman, Jessica Hodges, Will Peake, Lois Snavely, Allison Steele, Sara Wegrzyn

Through to Nowhere (2009)

  • Created and performed at Bates Dance Festival - Professional Dancers Workshop (2009)
  • Dancer: Christine Reed
Collection Three (2009)
  • A collaboration of poetry and movement based upon a sequence of reoccuring dreams, performed at R.E.A.C.H. Benefit Concert, Cla Zel Theatre
  • Dancer/Reader: Christine Reed
Big Business (2008)
  • A stilt-dance created at Bowling Green State University
  • Dancers: Kerri Canedy, Liz Drlik, Chelsea Gould, Jess Hodges, Ashley Hunker, Torrance Nowland, Will Peake, Sarah Pileggi, Lanie Schrubba, Allison Steele, Talor Toney
Innocent. Remain. (2008)
  • Created at Bowling Green State University
  • Performed at American College Dance Festival - Ohio East Central Conference (2009)
  • Based upon theme of identity
  • A solo reconstruction of Keep Your Ear...
  • Choreography: Christine Reed
  • Dancer: Christine Reed

Keep Your Ear... (2007)

  • A work created at Bowling Green State University based on the theme of identity
  • Dancers: Carly Cusik, Liz Drlik, Meghan Gillette, Chelsea Gould, Elise Hanson, Allison Steele, Lexi Stilianos, Sarah Zehnder
Struggle of Many (2007)
  • Performed for the Sexual Assault Information Network's regional Silent Witness event for educating the public on domestic violence and sexual assault against women
  • Dancer/Speaker: Christine Reed

Addiction (2006)

  • A dance composition class group-work created at Bowling Green State University
  • Dancers: Abbey Denniston, Ashlee Glanzman, Allison Steel, Lexi Stilianos, Sarah Zehnder
Melee' (2006)
  • Created as culmination of research and work with the Sexual Assault Information Network
  • Dancer: Christine Reed
To view video of Christine Reed's dance works, please visit the gallery page.