Curriculum Design

Curriculum Design

Dance Education curriculum is hard to come by, and programming that is aligned to standards, driven by student-inquiry, and unique for your setting and your students' needs is even more rare.

Christine designs and writes curriculum for elementary dance education, private studio settings, arts integration, school partnership programs, and community arts organizations.  Her programming uses the UbD backward unit design, and approaches lesson planning from a UDL (Universal Design for Learning) framework making content accessible for all learners.

In addition to designing curriculum for the dance program at Ravenswood Elementary and Chicago Public Schools, Christine is the Curriculum Design Specialist for Prismatic Movement and a Curriculum Developer for Design Dance, designing curriculums for Momentum, The Groove, and other programs. 

Christine is available for the followling curriculum design:

  • Elementary and Middle School Dance Education
  • High School Dance Education
  • Arts Integration Curriculums
  • Dance Assessment
  • Differentiation and Inclusive Practices in Dance Education