Dance Education

Dance Education

Christine believes in education rooted in social justice, that provides a nurturing environment for children, self-directed play and learning, rigorous academics, arts exploration and integration, social and emotional support, and a fair and equitable opportunity for all students.  Christine holds an Masters of Art in Teaching and her Type 03 State of Illinois Educator License with specializations in Elementary Education, Dance Education and Social Studies.  

Christine is a full-time dance educator at Ravenswood School in Chicago Public Schools.  She has created and teaches a dance program for students in grades PreK-8th, offering a broad curriculum rich with creative movement, dance technique, choreography and composition, and dance history.  While teaching at Ravenswood she also has created dance integration curriculums connecting dance and science, math, language arts and social studies learning; led many dance integration professional developments; develops school-wide teacher learning and goal setting as part of the Instructional Leadership Team; writes district-wide dance assessments for CPS; and serves as a member on the Teacher Advisory Council for the district.

Learn more about Christine's work in elementary dance education at the Ravenswood Dance Program website.  Here you will find information on dance curriculum, standards and program goals, student performances and school events.

Christine is available for dance instruction in the following areas:

  • Elementary Dance Education
  • Dance technique classes for all ages
  • Competitive, recreational and concert choreography