Christine has performed in a variety of settings including professional concert dance, commercial dance, arts collective performances, collegiate concert performances, gallery and museum exhibitions, site-specific works, studio showcases and more.  While Christine performs all styles and genres of dance, she enjoys performing modern, contemporary and improvisational works best.  She also enjoys challenging herself and taking her dancing to new heights (literally).  Christine has performed stilt dancing, arial dancing and other non-traditional forms of dance.

Some highlights of Christine's performance career include performing at American College Dance Festivals in faculty and guest artist pieces as well as presenting and performing in her own work at ACDFA conferences; dancing with Bowling Green State University's company, the University Performing Dancers; training and performing at Bates Dance Festival, both in faculty repertory pieces, site-specific works and her own choreography; and dancing as an original member of the Open Window Dance Company, a modern dance company that infuses Asian movement forms with contemporary modern dance.  She has performed in works by Jane Weiner, Kristina Isabelle, Amy Miller, Tammy Starr, Mark Dendy, and Kerri Canedy among others.  

Christine's dancing brings her love for juxtoposition and integration to the stage, as she seamlessly couples strong physicality with grace and fluidity.  While her movement quality is a unique compilation of styles and energies, her stage presense is real, literal, and always connected with the audience.