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  • Dancing and Teaching and Teaching and Dancing

    Many say it is hard for artists to transition into teaching their craft.  For me, this has always been a natural part of being an artist - sharing your passion, talents, work and skills with others.  I believe that it is our job as artists to take part in the teaching of our work and to pass on our experiences to future generations.  I have learned recently that I am not just a dance artist, but that teaching is an integral part of my artistry and my work.  Some may say exiting the stage and entering the classroom (or the studio, gymnasium, or wherever one may be teaching) is a difficult transition.  I say it has been the most  exciting ride of my life, and teaching is definitely the most rewarding part of being a dance artist.

    I will update this blog periodically to share any new and exciting happenings in my world of dance and education.  Until then, view my Graduate Ambassador blog entries on Marginalia, Columbia College Chicago's graduate blog, view my Twitter feeds below, or contact me!