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  • Full Circle

    Who would have thought that after studying dance, choroegraphing and performing dance, and teaching dance for the better part of my career, I would continue with dance as the pivital focus of my work after leaving the studio to study elementary education?  I did.  I always wanted to have dance, movement and art be a driving force of my work as an educator, but I was not always sure in what capacity it would take.  

    My life over the past two years has been full of so many changes: moving from Ohio to Illinois, settling in Chicago and making a name for myself here as a dance teacher, multiple jobs within the dance community and education field, joining Chicago Public Schools as an employee, graduate study full time, student teaching, advocating for students and teachers as part of the Chicago Teacher's Union, working full time, working part time, practicing yoga, training in dance, and all while discovering a new place and creating a life with my family.  It has been a lot, and I am thankful that finally all of my experiences are paying off.  I am coming full circle, as I embark on a new journey: Dance Teacher at Ravenswood Fine and Performing Arts School, a CPS elementary.  

    Here I will build a dance program from the ground-up, teach dance to Pre-K through 8th grade students, teach the creative process, the elements of dance, various techniques, creative movement, performance, history and choreography.  Aside from directing and teaching the dance program, I will also teach arts integration incorporating dance into core content areas of language arts, mathematics, social studies and science while collaborating with other arts teachers and classroom teachers.  I am so excited to take on this role, in addition to continuing my dance instruction at HSDC and Design Dance after-school and studio programs.  My next posts will share the starts to my program, curriculum mapping and designing my dance studio.