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  • Expanding our Reach

    As my work has expanded from teaching in the studio and classroom directly with students to now also including working on a school and district level and across the community, I have found more of my time and energy dedicated to improving the quality of and advocacy for dance education across all sectors. 

    This work has brought me to new opportunities, providing professional development, curriculum design, mentoring, and coaching for classroom educators interested in arts integration, dance educators, teaching artists, and administrators.  I have a goal to increase my capacity in these areas to improve my own practice while supporting others in their journey to improve their own teaching practices.

    Keeping this effort at the root of my work, my blog posts will transition from personal dance and eduation experiences to my work in curriculum development, effective lesson and unit planning; inclusive practices in dance education; fostering social emotional learning in dance classes; and supporting teachers, families, and arts and education administrators in dance education environments. 

    I look forward to sharing this journey with you.  Check back soon for more blog posts on these topics and more!