Professional Development

Professional Development

Are you a dance educator wanting to learn new dance content, hone and strengthen your own skills, improve your teaching practice in a specific domain, or expand and enhance your current class offerings?  Or, are you an elementary, middle school or high school educator wanting to incorporate dance or movement integration into your classroom curriculum? 

Professional Development by Christine Reed is for you!

Christine offers professional development for educators, dance teachers, and teaching artists in a variety of areas.  Working in a variety of settings, Christine has led professional developments for elementary and middle school educators wanting to integrate dance into their classroom content, for dance teaching artists heading into multiple schools across urban districts wanting to know how to better reach their students and build authentic relationships, studio-based dance teachers wanting to differentiate dance content for diverse learners, and educators and administrators on a variety of topics at school, district, regional, and national levels at workshops and conferences.

Christine has led, and is available to lead, professional developments on the following areas:

  • Trauma Informed Dance Instruction
  • Dance and Poetry Integration
  • Lesson Planning and Unit Design
  • Differentiation and Inclusive Practices in Dance Education
  • Effective Classroom Management in Dance Class
  • Dance Integration for ELA, Math, Science and Social Studies Teachers